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[Updated information]

  • Apr 16, 2012 [MyColor-PictureBook ver1.1]-Support the new iPad.-Rerecording JP language.new
  • Dec 08, 2011 [MyColor-PictureBook ver1.0]
  • Oct 31, 2011 [sukinamono ver1.3]--Fixed flickering in some animation scenes in iPhone4S.
  • Oct 18, 2011 [Daddy’s Mustache ver1.3]Some bug fix.
    my color1

    [MyColor-PictureBook] iPhone & iPad

    ~Story~ This is the no color world. There is a girl name 'Colore' lives in the no color world. She loves to draw the pictures,but her all pictures are black & white,because this is the no color world. One day,mysterious man gives her a 'color'. She was enchanted by the bottles in beautiful colors.
    "What a beautiful color..."

    (Optimized for Retina Display)
    -Autor/illust:Tomohiro Kimura

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    ・Language [English / Japanese]

    Update[Ver1.1]Updated: Apr 16, 2012

    -Support the new iPad.
    -Rerecording JP language.

    my_color2 my_color3
    my_color4 my_color5

    [-sukinamono-] iPhone & iPad

    This app is digital picture book.
    SUKINAMONO=スキナモノ=My Likes.
    (Optimized for Retina Display)
    -Autor/illust:Tomohiro Kimura

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    ・Clock function。
    ・iPod background music。

    Update[Ver1.2]Updated: Aug 02, 2011

    -Fixed flickering in some animation scenes in iPad2.
    -The translation of Korean, China, Italian, and Spanish was corrected.


    -Fixed flickering in some animation scenes in iPhone4S.

    sukinamono2 sukinamono3
    sukinamono4 sukinamono5
    Sample Photo

    [MovieCAL] iPad only

    This application software is a desk-top movie calendar. This is a calendar that not is before using the movie.
    -movie create:ueoka hidehiro

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    Some lovely built-in movies, movies favorite of the user, and user's photograph can be set to the background of the calendar.
    An analog clock and a digital clock can be displayed. Moreover, it is possible to customize it like liking those position and size, etc.
    In addition, a simple memo function is installed in this application. In the function, it is possible to take notes of the business not forgotten, and to use it as a letter left behind. And, it is also possible to transmit E-mail.


    -add new movies.
    -add Reset button.
    -add Clear button.
    -pictures can be displayed up to 7.
    -When rotating, Some Items position are preserved.

    MovieCALs2 MovieCALs3
       MovieCALs4           MovieCALs5

    [Daddy’s Mustache]iPhone (iPad)

    This is an animated picture book used an actual book and digital technique.
    You can choose English edition or Japanese edition, and enjoy.
    Recommendation for kids:over 4 or 5 years old(adults OK)
    -Autor/illust:ueoka hidehiro

    AppStore Movie


    -Animated Picture Book
    -Language /English, Japanese
    -with subtitles


    -"English translation" added.
    -"credit" added.


    -Some bug fix.
    otousan_no_hige2 otousan_no_hige3
    otousan_no_hige4 otousan_no_hige5
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